December 14, 2008

Semper Fi, Mamacita!

One the biggest cooking pleasures I have is cooking breakfast for my kids. Now that they are adults and not fighting over the toy in the Cocoa Puffs box or letting the dog lick syrup off their faces or squirting each other with milk spit. That wasn’t cooking…that was crowd management using sugar, toys, and yelling.

So now that they are gone from home, independent, broke, buying furniture at Target and trying to scam gas money from the parents…they are much more appreciative of a big ol’ plate of bacon, eggs and toast. Especially our eldest son, Mac, a Marine platoon sergeant. Yessirree, Mom’s cooking is way better than roasted mystery animal in the Iraqi desert!

Mac is home, on a long leave, just back from a second tour in Iraq. This guy can eat. Even I, who watched him devour whole boxes of Pop-Tarts as a small child, am amazing at what he can put away these days.

So this morning I couldn’t wait to scurry downstairs and cook his breakfast. Six slices of smoked bacon. Fried onions seasoned with alder-smoked salt. Four poached eggs. Four slices of sourdough toast, pan-fried in the bacon fat. (Oh yes, I’m still lovin’ on the bacon fat….is there anything bacon fat doesn’t make better?? Huh?) Topped with deli slices of real American cheese, salsa and ketchup. It’s imperative the ketchup goes on everything, evidently. But on top of salsa? I blame the Marines.

I realize that this type of cooking isn’t approaching anything creative. But it’s disgustingly good. And it’s even better just watching the enjoyment Mac has eating it.

Damn…I’m on a slide….what's next? Fried Ding Dongs with a slurry of Fritos and Mountain Dew??

BTW…he didn’t like it much when I was taking pictures. I think it’s because he’s like some sort of military spy or something.

Cause we all know terrorists read cooking blogs.


Jenny said...

Welcome back girl! I'll look forward to your fun posts that I'v missed so much! I'll be back to my normal blogging sometime in Jan after I get settled in CA! Total Craziness right now!

Oh and I'd have that delicious plate eaten in no time! It looks beautiful girl!

Tracy said...

Awww ... I laughed out loud and got kinda misty, all in the same post. Enjoy your time with your son.

Glad you're back! Glad your son is back! Hope your daughter is doing well.

Mary said...

Glad you're enjoying time with your son. I think he looks a little thin!

Emily said...

Hi Catherine!

Glad you're back to blogging. The breakfast looks great! So does the bacon-mayonnaise. I'll have to check out that book.

Yes, I'll be on FN on Jan. 4th. I should probably email you this stuff, huh?

Lisa said...

It is so nice to have you back as I am laughing at your hysterical post. Your son is a cutie.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Jenny, can't wait to catch up...your blog looks so amazing!

Tracy, yeah, I get misty and pissed off all at once...he's still a Marine, ya know! They do nasty stuff! worries...I'll fatten him up with my bacon!

Em, YEAH!!!! You do!!! (Isn't Guy a riot???) Write me and tell me everything!

Lisa, he IS adorable! And sweet!

Peter M said...

Little that's more satisfying than a good 'ole fry up for brekkie...I think hubby should make it for you.

Heather said...

Fuck, I'm glad you're back. I never knew you reared such a hottie. Molly is lovely and all that, but dang your boy is giving me some Yellow Fever. (I didn't mean that in a racist way, I just have a thing for Asian guys.)

I like ketchup on everything, too, but bacon mayonnaise gave me a she-boner.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

A homemade breakfast cooked by mom...I don't think there is any more comfort food than that! I love the ketchup too - can't have eggs without it (as well as many other things...)

I am glad Mac is back - and you too my lady! We missed you!

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Peter...he's a pretty good cook, in his own way, but I'm the shiznit around here!

Heather, if I didn't love you so much, I'd get all PC on your ass!
Yes, he's a hottie, and a sweet one too!

Jenn...the feeling is very mutual...I'm glad to be thinking about food again!

Birdie said...

Looks like you did "the creative" thing when you made him. Gooooooood Loooooookinnnnnnn!

Glad he is home safe, and with a great looking breakfast to boot!

Deborah said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day - I'd be mighty happy with this sitting in front of me!

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