December 27, 2007

When I Die....

Great idea for a book, don't you think? I'm such a drama queen/fatalist, that this is right up my alley! Alas, it is back-ordered at Amazon, but perhaps you'll find it elsewhere. Here is a review from a favorite cookbook site...Cook's Library.

"Have you ever wondered what Mario Batali’s last meal might be? How about what CD Gordon Ramsay would be listening to as the clock ticked?Photographer Melanie Dunea ask 50 of the world’s famous chefs what their final meals would be. My Last Supper showcases their fascinating answers alongside stunning Vanity Fair–style portraits. Their responses are surprising, refreshing, and as distinct from each other as the chefs themselves. The portraits, gorgeous, and playful, are informed by their answers and reveal the passions and personalities of the most respected names in the business.Featuring: Ferrán Adrià, José Andrés, Dan Barber, Lidia Bastianich, Rick Bayless, Daniel Boulud, Anthony Bourdain, Scott Conant, Suzanne Goin, Thomas Keller, Giorgio Locatelli, Nobu, Jamie Oliver, Jacques Pepin, Michel Richard, Eric Ripert, and more…One recipe from each landmark meal is included in the back of the book."

So. I don't know yet what my last meal would be. But I would like it to be in the company of everyone profiled in this book. Now, THAT'S a last supper!!!! It wouldn't matter what my last meal would would all be good...because I'd demand all these chefs bring me their food! A pity pot-luck for a dying woman!!! I'd just lanquish away on the couch, eating every wonderful thing they'd whip up for me. Anthony Bourdain would regale me with stories of the underbelly of restaurant cooking, Eric Ripert would, well, just sit there and let me gaze upon him, and Thomas Keller would be soothing my fevered brow with some foie gras.

Nice way to go, don't you think???

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