March 5, 2008

Vegetables and Nuts

It’s that time of year to sign up for your CSA! Don’t be a goober and forget to do it (like I did last year) until it’s too late and there are no more shares available in the farm of your choice! It’s the best way (unless you have your own prodigiously producing garden!) to get fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc. in a very sustainable, community oriented way.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, because most of you already do this or are aware of it – but just wanted to remind you to sign up ASAP…these shares can sell out fast. “My” own farm is
Whipstone Farm….check out their website! I can’t wait for my first pick-up! You’ll be seeing lots of recipes using “my” garden fresh vegetables and herbs in the coming spring and summer months.

On another completely random, unrelated note, yesterday I did a short TV (local station in Phx) interview/demo with my prize winning cupcakes. My good pal, Jenny from Picky Palate warned me about people that sometimes get a bit …enthusiastic….and then try to contact you personally. And I've had people, unknown to me, write or call, to request a recipe or whatever...that's ok, and most people are polite and complimentary. Well, I got my first “hello, I’m a freak, and I’m calling to see if you’d be interested in my freakness” call this morning.
At first I thought it was my sister, who already pranked called an hour before. She tried to change her voice and said “I want to get into your muffin tins”…hahahaha…very funny – no wonder I’m the favorite.

Anyway, my land line rings and it’s a heavy breather, telling me he saw the show and he wants to know if I’m single. Again, I think it’s one of my hilarious friends, and I’m playing along (“yes, I’m single, hang on, I just have to go shoot my husband”) but as this goes on, I realize I have a certifiable nut on the line. So I hang up and ponder this turn of events. I mean, that was just a dopey 3 minute cupcake demo! Being the total hamster that I am, I enjoy the brief attention some of this cooking stuff brings, but I’m not liking this…invasion. People can reach you too easily, even if you take precautions. I’ve got to come up with some good ideas. Like a big whistle, so I can deafen the little twerp on the other end of the line. Anybody deal with this ever before?

Seriously, I need some input!


Peter M said...

Seriously, change your tel.# to a private one and then give me the new number for a personalized heavy breathing session! ;)

Jenny said...

Holy Cow Catherine,
I can't believe that caller, the nerve! You have to stop being so beautiful!!

I've gotten some wierd calls as well, luckily nothing lately, it always freaks me out, because these people obviously know where you live if they found your phone number.

The last freak called my home pretending to be an editor from Taste of Home Magazine and started asking really personal questions. I stopped the converstation and sure enough he hung up. What a freak. He apparently called 3 other Jenny F's in the phone book until he got the real me.

I'm still laughing at the whistle, that would be hilarious and totally manageable. I hope he doesn't call you back, if so get that whistle!!

Can't wait to see your fresh new recipes with your produce!!

Catherine Wilkinson said...

ONLY if you agree to speak Greek to me!

I getting a whistle. I think that'll do the trick. In fact, it might come in handy in all kinds of situations. Rude salesclerk? Get the whistle! Ha! Maybe I'll hang it on a chain like a gym teacher and just go around fixing bad people!

Heather said...

Uh, *69 his ass?

Or you can bust out a Moe and start telling him how you're gonna cut off his fingers with garden loppers and shove them up his (you know where this is going). I think unbridled violence is the best way to deal with these people. Or just laughing your ass off at them, if that's more your style. :)

Tracy said...

I'm a big fan of caller ID ... at least you know who's calling.

Anonymous said...

That's creepy. I swear it wasn't me! haha.
Congratulations on your TV stint. When are you replacing Rachel Ray?

Emiline said...

Zen Chef is lying! He told me he was the one that called you.
Just kidding.

I can't believe people like this exist out there! This would have freaked me out. I think caller ID would be a good investment. If you don't want that, then I like Heather's idea. Just say something really violent towards him, and it'll scare the crap out of him. Or you can send him my way and I'll bash his head in with a baseball bat and then castrate him.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

I keep the land line free of tricks like *69, hardly anyone calls that line. Maybe I should just untether it. But the idea of violence AND laughing appeals to a deranged clown. Clowns are scary.

In this case, I don't want to know!

You can call anytime...I need plenty of cooking advice and inspiration! Hey, YOU should replace RR. Can you carry everything in the refrigerator and pantry in one load to the stove???

you're too nice to hit anyone, who are you kidding? Leave the violence to me, a hardened street thug and bar brawler.

Deborah said...

That's a bit creepy!! I would be changing my number... I think you should get a whistle!!

Bellini Valli said...

It takes all kinds to make up this world. Some bloggers I see don't say where they are from at all. That may be the best route, but sad at the same time.I was leary to put my email on my blog only because I didn't want lots of junk mail. When answering emails it says my name is Bellini Valli and not my own name. I live in a pretty big city.On another note I wonder if they have a CSA program here?

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