January 8, 2008


Disclaimer - I am totally an amateur cook. But I really love entering cooking and recipe contests – it’s been something I have been doing a little less than a year. I won my first one with a Better Homes and Garden contest, and immediately went bonkers. I think my fervor for this “hobby” is a combo of figuring out what the sponsor is looking for, coming up with something unique and good enough to win, and the anticipation of waiting to see what will happen. And, of course, tearing up my pantry and kitchen and driving my family nuts is pretty enjoyable too. I’m the type of crazy person who loves getting ready for the trip more than going on it! I was the little girl who would get so excited waiting for Christmas that when the day finally came, I’d puke all over the place and fall asleep. The anticipation is DELICIOUS! That phone call! That certified letter! The cook-off with the television cameras! Yowsa…it’s so MUCH FUN!!!!

The prizes given in these contests are varied…some give really big cash (think of the $1,000,000 payout from the Pillsbury Bake-off!), and most are smaller cash prizes, appliances, trips, cookbooks, cooking lessons, and all manner of things. And I love it, (no, I mean this, I’m not being sappy) when someone I know wins too.
I have met some fantastic people (virtually and real) who love this as much as I do. Truly amazingly talented people with big hearts and big ideas. I mean, there are some people I know who would SCHOOL Rachel Ray! Not to take anything from RR…I mean, kudos to her for figuring out what works on TV, and working hard to make it a success. I even have lightened up my opinion of Sandra Lee. The girl has worked it. We may disguise our envy with disdain for their methods, but you gotta hand it to them. Anyway, I digress.

My point is that I wanted to share these thoughts about contesting. And that you poor readers will have to endure my ramblings about contests, losses and wins, and all manner of hand-wringing. I did just get notification that I won a nice contest yesterday, but I can't post what it is until I sign all the legal stuff…I mean, they might find out about that time in 1982, in Mexico…..um, involving a box of shrimp, a taxi, and tequila. Probably won’t disqualify me, but…..

Stay tuned!


Jenny said...

You Go Girl! Well said. It really is a great hobby and so exciting. Can't wait to see what arises this year. Hopefully FN will have something exciting to enter.

Congrats again on your recent win. Can't wait to see the recipe here!!

Emiline said...

Entering contests seems like a lot of fun. Congrats on you recent win!
I want to be in the burger contest. I've watched every one on Food Network.

I agree about what you said about RR and Sandra Lee. Not that I like their cooking, but they've worked for what they have.

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