January 24, 2008

"A Day Late and a Pie Short"

Did you know that yesterday was NATIONAL PIE DAY????

And, being the goober I am, I FORGOT to bring my Dad a pie when I went to visit yesterday. There was hell to pay. To make amends, I took him out to lunch and bought him a ”Cinnamon Brandied Bread Pudding with Blackberries” at his favorite lunch restaurant, Crackers. It was a pretty awesome dessert. Even though it wasn't pie. On National Pie day. I should be flailed with a pastry brush.

AND he made sure I understood that next week, I was to bring a pie - an apricot pie. Apricots? In January? But he said he’d take “canned” apricots. Ok, anybody got any ideas for canned apricot pie? I am so pie-challenged.

This morning as I was dancing around singing Al Green and fantasizing that Randy Jackson called me, “dawg”, it occurred to me that I haven’t yet thanked Jenn "The Leftover Queen" for including me on the most awesome Foodie Blogroll! I mean, I could get lost for DAYS reading all the amazing blogs and being mesmerized by such talent. I have to put some sort of limit on myself, or I won’t get any pie makin’ done! But do check out the Foodie Blogroll, over on the right, down a bit….there are some seriously great cooks and writers sharing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Thank you, Jenn!


Jenny said...

I had no idea yesterday was Nat Pie day! Even though you didn't have a pie for your dad that dessert from Crackers sounds delicious! I haven't been to that restaurant in way too long. I love it. That's one of the places my husband and I went while we were dating.

Good luck with your apricot pie. I'm no help there!

Emiline said...

I missed it too! That makes me so mad, because I love baking pie.

I don't know about that canned apricot pie. I have my doubts. Believe it or not, I saw fresh cherries on sale at Wal-Mart (shhh) the other day. Isn't that weird? I guess they're from another country.

One thing is for sure, MAKE DAD A PIE!

Catherine said...

Crackers is good! I love their soups. I know..apricot pie...I have no idea! I think I'll write Norita...now, there's someone who knows pie!

I share your doubts! But I'll give it a shot...heck, it'll make an hilarious blog post!

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