January 10, 2008


So…my husband (whom I’ll call “what’s-his-name”) has been bugging me to make Beef Stroganoff. I’ve never been a fan of this particular dish since my Mom’s version, normally a great cook, was a horrendous mess of canned soup, hamburger, and low-fat sour cream that made me gag. So I’ve never made it. But “what’s-his-name” has an affinity for meat and gravy type dishes, so I relented. After looking through my cookbooks and websites, I found a recipe that sounded terrific – it had cream cheese as an ingredient! And it had great reviews! How could I go wrong? And in a crock-pot! Perfect!

Here’s what happened:

Me: “So, do you like it?”

"What’s-His-Name": (after a long silence) “This tastes like crap”

After that eloquently put food review, I threw the whole mess out for the coyotes to eat.

Hamburger helper for you, “what’s-your-name”!!!!! And get crackin’ on those dishes!


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh I am cracking up! Sometimes our husband's just don't realize how much we do for them! For instance...

I spent all morning preparing these beautiful gourmet burgers for my husband since he was coming home for lunch today and as he sat down to eat his burger, he kept poking on the inside of the burger saying, "are you sure these are cooked good enough?" I wanted to knock him out!

I bet those coyotes loved your stroganoff! "what's his name" better start counting his blessings for having such a talented wife!

Catherine said...

I know! Our fellas are handy to have around, but sometimes they need to be locked in a closet!
I hope you show us those burgers! You KNOW we'll appreciate them!

Emiline said...

Oh man! "What's his name" is too picky! He doesn't appreciate you enough.

I don't know if I like stroganoff that much, either.

Anj said...

Too funny. Nothing like a little honesty! I'm sure your other offerings are more well received. I'm sure the coyotes were happy to have a fully tummy.

Catherine said...

emiline...oh I make sure he appreciates me alright! No choice for him! Only hamburger helper!

anj..thanks for commenting, I hope you visit often! We do have a lovely female coyote with a den full of pups, so I don't mind sharing my disasters, which happen often enough to keep them happy!

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