January 17, 2008

"Jacques to the Rescue!"

Sometimes a girl needs some help. I mean, when I’m in the mood to seriously cook, oh, you know, something ridiculous like Bourdain’s “Carre’ d’Agneau Au Moutarde” (ok, maybe not today…the stars aren’t aligned quite right), I really am not in the mood to wrestle with anxiety provoking towers of sweetness.

Hence – the fabulous shortcut! Jacques Torres knows a thing or two about chocolate and his brownie mix is…awesome. And fast. And super easy. I order boxes from King Arthur’s Bakery website. The box is cute too. The kit comes with the brownie mix and huge pieces of chocolate to incorporate into the batter and also for making the killer glaze. All you need is two eggs, some heavy cream, vanilla, and espresso powder if you wish, for the glaze. It is the best store-bought mix, brownie or otherwise, I’ve discovered. I like to cut the brownies warm and then slather on the glaze, rather than frosting in the pan and letting set up. I also serve these with a shot of milk, which will complete the whole “wow, rack of lamb, then this???” vibe.

King Arthur’s has a great website, full of necessary (and frivolous) baking accessories. One cannot have enough Silpat! The price is obviously much higher than your grocery store brownie mix, but when you are concentrating on a complicated dinner, and whining at your kids to stay out of the kitchen, and yelling at your husband to get his fingers out of the sauce, it’s very reassuring to take one bowl, one spoon, one pan, and create calm, predictable deliciousness out of kitchen chaos.

Not everything from scratch, my peeps! Go play Twister with the guests! Then whip out these dark little temptresses and…well, take claim. Jacques would probably forgive you!


Emiline said...

Well, if it's from Jacque, it must be good!
I'm usually a brownie-from-scratch kind of a girl, but I can't deny that your brownie looks delicious. Much easier, too.

Jenny said...

I couldn't agree more with you Catherine. Sometimes after you've cooked a huge dinner, you just don't feel like making a homemade dessert! These brownies sound great. I love box mixes, I use them all the time and everyone loves the twists I do with them!

I'll definately check out Jacque's mix! Have a good night! A few more weeks until the big show airs! Wish we were closer, we could have a viewing party together!

Catherine said...

You really have to try this mix! It's very wonderful, and easy to tinker with, like Jenny says. Perfect for those days you need some chocolate and just can't muster up the effort!

You'll love this mix! Pricy, but so worth it. And I wish we could be together too for the show! I can't wait to see if they'll put us together for any interviews! I asked Hillary and I guess we'll see! Take care, mamacita, and give those boys a hug!

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