February 21, 2008

And Now For A Commercial Break....

Notice the awesome new header above??? The fantabulous Emiline made it for me! She has been sick, in bed, bored, and was probably high on Nyquil, so she designed this cool new masthead for me. Thanks, Emiline...I love it! One of the best reasons I have for blogging is connecting with such talented, generous, and thoughtful other bloggers. That, and the food. The glorious food that makes me want to lick the computer monitor at times. It's stuptifying (word?) how many prolific and talented cooks and bakers there are! One great blog leads me to hundreds of others. The only limit on blog hopping is the time I have to cruise around and sample the goods. Truly inspiring and really really fun.

Tomorrow, our nephew Aaron plays Tiger Woods in Accenture Match Play Championship. If you can, tune in. And send him good vibes. He's a great guy. He CAN beat Tiger. He's got the good guy mojo going on! If he beats Tiger I am going to bake him a cake. I'm going to call it "Tiger Woods is a Loser Cake"...ok, not really, that's not very nice. Maybe just a nice Double Chocolate Layer Cake with Gananche Frosting. Yeah, that's the ticket! Tiger will be SO jealous! Go Aaron!!!!


Anj said...

I also have been treated to the amazing Emiline's talents on my blog. Love the new header! Best of luck to Aaron -- what an awesome opportunity. You should bake him that cake just for getting to play against Tiger! How totally cool.

Emiline said...

I like the new header. I might experiment with making some more.
High is right. I don't even remember making that. Just kidding.
If anyone needs my blog services, I charge $200 an hour.
Ohh, that sounds kind of dirty.

Good luck to Aaron. I have a good feeling, so I think he will do well. Seriously, sometimes I can predict the future. Ok, maybe not. But it's happened once or twice.
And a chocolate cake sounds great!

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Thanks, Anj...he really IS a very good guy...humble, helpful, and totally unselfish. Tiger is obviously great, but dang, he needs to lose today!!!

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Thanks again, arty one!

$200 an hour?? I need to go win a contest!

Aaron is an awesome guy. I too have a feeling he'll win. Tiger has to lose sometime, right?

I'll make that chocolate cake as soon as I find the right chocolate...it's unbelievable.

Toni said...

You have a nephew who is good enough to play Tiger Woods? Duuuuuude - that's awesome! ;-0

By now it might be over, but I'm sending him all the good vibes I've got, just in case he's really close..

Didn't see the former header, as this is my first time visiting your blog. Looks good!

Jenny said...

Love the new Look Catherine, great job Emiline!

Best of luck to Aaron, what a talent that boy is! Tiger Woods is the big time, I need to tell my husband about this, I know he'd think this is way cool!!

Have a great weekend!!

Catherine Wilkinson said...

I have no genetic input there! I can't even play golf!!! It was a great match, went 20 holes! Tiger, watch out!

That Emiline rocks! Not only baking, but art too! Aaron just barely lost...they went 20 holes! Pretty dang good against Tiger!

Heather said...

I'm not sure how I've managed to miss you all this time, but count me among your fans, Catherine!

I want that cake. Your nephew is kind of a hottie.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

you're awesome...I love your blog. Your husband has his hands full.
Aaron IS a hottie, and his wife (my niece) is pretty cool with all the tour groupies. She could beat the living shit our of any of them! He also is the most non-fame-oriented guy...very humble and centered in the right way.
That cake is good...I'll put it together when I get the good chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Oh Emiline did it!
Do you think i can bribe her with chocolates to have her make a header for me? :-)
Good luck to Aaron!

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