February 2, 2008


I've been reallllllly busy for the last two and will be for the next two days, hence....I've self-diagnosed myself with "blog attention deficit disorder"! Anybody got any cooking ritalin?

I've got a couple of realllllly good recipes ready to rock and roll, and hopefully can get to it soon!

So enjoy the weekend! Do something realllllly fun, like....stand in front of the television during Super Bowl, and recite some poetry.

Later, gaters!


Emiline said...

Have a good weekend, and happy Superbowl.

Marianne said...

I found you blog through Camille's and when you mentioned your "boys" I had say you are sooo right...mine are 26,23 and 19 whoooo I will definetly be visitng your blog as I detect a sly sense of humor!!!!

Marianne said...

ps excuse the misspellings as I have keyboard issues

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Emiline, check your email!

Marianne...whoa, you got THREE of them!!!! Have some wine! Thanks for coming to visit and stay tuned for more adventure. I'm serious about my food, not so serious about life in general. Boys will do that to a person!

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