February 29, 2008

Tagged and Bagged!

Jenny from The Picky Palate has tagged me. This is a first. I'm not sure how I feel about being tagged...I've read that some bloggers find it annoying. But I'm thinking it's pretty fun. I mean, I'm my favorite topic, so any excuse.....I mean, just 5 things??? I could spend hours discussing my fascinating self....just ask my husband!

I'll have to give some thought to who I'll tag, and that will be in a future post.

Here goes:

1. When I was 8 or 9, my grandmother taught me to handicap the horses at the races. She would send me on “spy” missions down to the stables to find out from the trainers and jockeys which horse was doped or which one was hot. I was a good little bookie, in my braids and little Levi’s….nobody thought twice about me asking questions about the "pretty horses"….we had a very good run, winning money for my college fund, which she kept stuffed in her alligator purse, all in $20 and $50 bills. I'm still pretty good at pickin' the ponies!

2. We once had a pet baby elephant for a couple of days, after my Dad and his derelict friends stole him from a Shriner’s parade and brought him home in the back of pick-up for “the kids”. We named him, what else? – Dumbo. We were heartbroken when the police came.

3. I used to work as a cook and oarsman for an expedition company. One time I had to cook a monkey to feed clients, because Guatemalan revolutionaries stole our food. Howler monkey tastes like smoky chicken.

4. I once went for a “ride” in an Israeli fighter jet with a really hot Israeli fighter jet pilot. Wow, that was my first crush on a real man (he had an eye patch! he'd been shot!) and not some college bozo with a turned up collar and a Chevy Nova.

5. Someday, I really want to catch someone hurting a child or someone helpless and totally beat them senseless.


Maxfield Family said...

I've gotta get some tips for you for the upcoming Kentucky Derby!
Heidi at Tasty Sensations...heidisrecipes.blogspot.com

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh Catherine,
I just love your posts! See how much we learn from each other with just 5 facts!! I love it!

Just got back from Sonoran Living Live. I'm pooped from Demo'ing that darn mac and cheese!!!

Colin's Mom said...

Jenny was right, you are quite humorous. Being from KY, I particularly like your underhanded pony picking skills. I think your Grandmother was quite ingenious sending an unsuspecting little girl to do her dirty work! I'll be back to read your blog for recipes!

Catherine Wilkinson said...

No prob! Just check their lap times in the days just prior to race.

Oh, you should have told me about Sonoran Living! I bet you're just about mac and cheesed out! I'm definitely approaching overload with cute cupcakes!

colin's mom,
Thanks...oh, yes...it was quite the family scandal, especially when my Mom got wind of it. She thought I was just enjoying a day at the races with some candy!

Emiline said...

Are you serious? These are true?

Catherine Wilkinson said...

you should know by now, I have issues...my whole family does.
Yes, this is all too true. A bookie, a monkey cooker, and probably a bunch of other stuff that shouldn't be on a blog.

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